Around 1960

I'm very proud of this shot, and I'm very proud of this suit.

The Big 1961-1962 Snow

The early '60s was a colder than average period of time. This shot was taken on 2 January 1962. My mother told us to pose for a photo by kneeling and playing with the snow. I had to keep moving because my dog Cutie Pie had my breeches leg. It snowed 8 inches in Waynesboro, MS from New Year's Eve through New Year's Day. I recall watching the weather report when the weatherman said chance of snow was 100%. I was 3 years, 2 months, and 2 days old when this photo was taken.

The Old College I.D.

I threw this old i.d. card in to show that I actually went to college myself. I guess I grew my hair long in protest of disco, which was raging at the time. In fact, I never went to see John Revolta in Saturday Night Fever. My attitude toward disco has softened over time. I enjoy hearing "I Will Survive" and "Disco Inferno" and other stuff. Some of my friends back then said I looked like the champion tennis player Bjorn Borg. That was cool.

More College Pictures

These photographs were taken in February 1978 on the campus of Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. I still use the duffer coat, and, to be honest, my hair is not that thick now.

29 November 2016

A farewell picture of one of our ESC 302 field teams: